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What constitutes sustainable furniture ?

How can furniture be sustainable ? We explain how design, materials and repairability come into play in the creation of our outdoor furniture.

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By whom and how wooden furniture is made. Focus on 3 key jobs in the sector in F

Making wooden furniture. What a beautiful and noble idea. A great number of young adults are becoming reconciled with these ancestral trades.

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Embellish your spaces with benches

A real trendy piece of furniture, the bench is finding its place more and more in professional establishments. Discover in this article all the advantages linked to the installation of benches.

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How to choose the finish of your wooden furniture?

When choosing your wooden furniture, beyond its shape and aesthetics, it will also be advisable to look carefully at its finish, to be adapted according to its future location.

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Using small spaces creatively

Today solutions exist to optimize the layout of small spaces. You just have to know where to look. Azur Confort tells you everything.

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