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 How to choose the finish of your wooden furniture?
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Wooden furniture has been an integral part of most of our homes for many generations. We like solid wood because it is a noble material and also for the warmth it can bring to our living rooms.
The wooden furniture is found inside but also outside on our terraces. Armchairs, director's chairs, chairs, tables, sideboards, sunbeds, deckchairs... the choice is vast.

When choosing your furniture, beyond its shape and aesthetics, you should also consider its finish. Because according to your needs, according to its use, the finish will not necessarily be the same and will have to be adapted according to its future location.

Through this article, we will help you see more clearly among these different finishes to best choose your future furniture that will enhance your interior and your outdoor space.

 How to choose the finish of your wooden furniture?

1. Why apply a finish to wooden furniture?

Wherever the piece of furniture is placed, it will be subjected to various attacks, outside for example with UV rays, climatic changes... Wood is a living material which may also be subject to blows, scratches or even be stained if your furniture is regularly exposed to daily passages, such as a table, a chair or an armchair.


- Furniture protection

The need to protect the furniture will therefore be essential to reduce these risks of aggression. And this protection will be provided by the finish that will be applied. There are some that will penetrate into the fibers of the wood to protect them in depth or others that will rather create a protective film on the surface so that nothing gets through.


- The choice of aesthetics

Finishing products will also be used for their aesthetic characteristics. For example, a protective finish on the surface, called a film-forming finish, will often make it possible to highlight the fibers of the wood more by enhancing its grain. Depending on the finish, the rendering will not be the same at all, it is also a matter of taste.

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2. What are the different finishes that exist and what are their advantages?

A species of wood naturally has different colors and veining depending on where the trunk comes from. The finish will therefore not necessarily be the same and there may be variations from one piece of furniture to another. This is what gives the beauty and strength of wood. Let's discover together some finishes that we offer for wooden furniture.

- The oiled finish:

This finish has the advantage of nourishing the wood in depth, protecting it from the inside while retaining its authenticity, its warmth and leaving it with a very natural appearance. It lets the wood breathe which allows it to balance itself with the ambient humidity. The oil will allow the wood to be resistant to climatic attacks, UV rays, as well as stains. Thanks to regular maintenance, it will also be protected against graying.
The oil is appreciated for its matte appearance and silky touch.
On the other hand, it has the disadvantage of having to be applied more regularly, but its maintenance is very simple. 

- The varnished finish:

It is applied to interior furniture. It is a finish that forms a protective film on the wood and creates a robust surface. The varnish will allow the wood to protect itself and absorb daily shocks. Thus, scratches, blows, stains will not be to be feared with this finish. It will be very easy to clean.
The other advantage of varnish is that it preserves the natural appearance of the wood and gives it a certain shine. However, this cannot be used for outdoor furniture.

- The stained finish:

Perfectly suited for outdoor use, the stain will protect the wood from the inside by soaking up its fibers as much as possible. It is a protection of choice against humidity, insects, and UV rays when the stain is colored. It will help to highlight and color the wood, while bringing out its veins.
It is a protection very similar to varnish, but to adapt to the exterior the film created is more adherent to the fibers and more flexible so as not to break with the movements of the wood. This creates a finish that is less natural to the touch than varnish but much more durable.

- The lacquered finish:

Here is a finish totally different from the previous ones since the wood is completely covered with a lacquer which will give an extremely smooth appearance visually and to the touch. The lacquer creates a waterproof envelope that will protect the wood against all weather conditions and give it incomparable UV resistance. The advantage of this finish is that your furniture will hardly need any maintenance.
So if you want a minimum of maintenance and add color to your terrace, this is the finish for you! It is available in matte, gloss or satin.

T502 lasurée - mobilier extérieur

Unlike oiled finishes, stained, varnished and lacquered finishes require little maintenance. However, when the product must be reapplied, the operation is more cumbersome since it is necessary to remove all of the previous product. This is a service that we offer to restore your furniture after many years of service.

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3. What is the maintenance of the furniture according to the chosen finish?

With regard to the maintenance of the furniture, it is necessary to differentiate:

- the film-forming finish (stain, varnish or lacquer type) which offers a durable finish with little maintenance. A maintenance coat will only be necessary after 5 to 10 years!

- the oiled finish which requires maintenance every 6-12 months for furniture placed outdoors.

The maintenance of a film-forming finish is done by reapplying the product on a reworked surface: it must be sanded a minimum with the removal of the old layer on the damaged areas. Ideally, the wood should be bare.

Maintaining an oiled finish requires no surface preparation other than applying it to a clean, dry surface. 

In outdoor use, wood being a living material, its appearance can gray and crack on the surface. This does not lead to a product defect at any time. It should be sheltered in case of bad weather or non-use if you want to keep its original appearance as much as possible.

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