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Embellish your spaces with benches
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A real trendy piece of furniture, the bench is finding its place more and more in professional establishments such as restaurant halls and terraces, bars, hotel breakfast rooms, or any other place receiving the public.

You are still hesitating to equip your establishment and take the step? Discover in this article all the advantages of installing one or more benches in your spaces.

Embellish your spaces with benches

1. Why opt for benches?

The bench will be a valuable asset in your establishment! It offers several advantages, both practical and aesthetic. Space saving, conviviality, decoration, additional storage... so many positive points to convince you to opt for this furniture. Elegant, comfortable and welcoming, it has everything to please!

Banquette intérieure La Nonna
La Nonna restaurant - Verbier

- Space saving: 

Leaned against a wall, the bench will allow you to gain considerably of surface. Clever, it takes up less space than a chair around a table. Several people can be placed side by side without the need for a gap between chairs or armchairs. This will also allow you to save a few seats and thus optimize the space of your room.

- Strengthening the identity of your institution:

The bench will allow you to create spaces of relaxation. Unlike simple chairs, it invites people to come and sit. It adds life to the room and can even become the central element. With a matching decoration, the atmosphere created will be cosy and cocooning. What to attract a clientele always more in search of this type of atmosphere. Attracting more customers, isn't that the goal of any establishment?

Terrasse du restaurant Alpha - Suisse
Alphabet restaurant - Fribourg

- Modularity and conviviality:

Another advantage of having banquettes in your establishment is that you can instantly change the layout of your room. You will be able to create large tables, in a very short time. Thus, according to the needs of your customers, the conviviality will be there. Or conversely, you can also create more intimate spaces.

2. How to optimize space with benches?

To allow your room to breathe and to save space, the bench will allow you to bring the tables to the edges of the room. This will allow for easier circulation with less furniture in the center. A feeling of an "airy" room will also be promoted, making customers feel better and less oppressed than in a busy room. 

Banquettes Bijou Plage et La Nonna
Bijou Plage restaurant - Cannes / La Nonna restaurant - Verbier

Depending on the configuration of the room or the terrace, the benches can also be used as a separation between a work space and the room or between 2 tables if they are placed back to back. This will allow you to create more intimate spaces.

3. Which model? What shape and structure? Which coating to choose?

- Model:

We talked about saving space in part 1. Once again, thanks to a little trick, you'll be able to save even more in terms of storage. Have you ever heard of a bench seat? If you don't want to lose any space, simply choose a seat that opens and folds up, giving you access to a large trunk. For an outdoor bench, you can store your cushions in case of bad weather or for the night. But this also applies to all your accessories.

Banquette coffre

- Structure and form:

There is a wide variety of shapes (straight, rounded, corner...), as well as different finishes (upholstered back, simple wooden seat with cushions, identical seat and back...). The choice is vast and you will certainly find the one that will meet your expectations.

- Coating:

You can enjoy the choice of materials and colors. A multitude of fabrics exist, from simple cotton, through the fabric of velvet aspect or going to the imitation leather or real leather. 

The choice will be made according to your desires, your preferences but especially according to the use of your future bench. If you want to install it in your restaurant, then we advise you to opt for imitation leather. Less expensive than real leather, it has the advantage of being easy to clean in case of stains and of being resistant to intensive use. We often hear that imitation leather is less warm than other fabrics but this is no longer the case thanks to the permanent evolution of the material, effects and colors.

Banquette La Nonna - Verbier
La Nonna restaurant - Verbier

- For outdoor use:

It is also possible to invest in outdoor benches. We find them most often with a wooden structure and the seats and backs are covered with specially adapted fabrics. They are able to withstand the weather and UV to prevent fading. If the fabric is not water-repellent, there are special foams that allow water to pass through and allow quick drying, without retaining moisture.

Terrasse La Nonna - Verbier
La Nonna restaurant terrace - Verbier

4. Opt for a custom-made bench

If you have difficulty finding a model that suits you, there is the solution of custom-made. By contacting a manufacturer, you can present your project. This one will be studied, measurements will be taken on the spot if necessary.

Banquettes L'Alpinium - Courchevel
L'Alpinium - Courchevel

One of the advantages of the custom-made bench is that it can perfectly fit the walls of your room. If they are curved like the terrace of the Maya Altitude in Meribel below, it will be necessary to make it to measure so as not to lose any space and so that the aesthetic side of the terrace is preserved.

Terrasse Le Maya Altitude - Méribel
Maya Altitude terrace - Méribel

The other advantage of custom-made furniture is that you can personalize it and make it your own. Like the terrace of the Sabbaba Montesol restaurant in Ibiza (credits: Ana Lui Photography and Dorothée Meilichzon) where special cut-outs have been created in the backrests.

Banquette sur mesure Sabbaba Montesol - Ibiza
Sabbaba Montesol restaurant - Ibiza

If you have a project of custom-made benches or simply wish information

contact us!

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