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Using small spaces creatively
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Tourism professionals are constantly preoccupied by optimizing their space. Creating spaces that adapt to different types of clientele is an ongoing challenge. The same bedroom needs to meet the needs of a couple, an average family, or people with reduced mobility. And all in the smallest space to limit costs.

How to optimize space in a room?

1. Don’t waste space.

All the empty spaces - under the bed, corner stairs, or sloping ceilings - can be used. Properly organized, they can be used for storage.

For small bedrooms, try drawers under the bed or customized storage to use tight corners. More room means more comfort and more room to move about for your guests.

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2. Space-saving beds.

Avoid cluttering rooms with too many beds. Opt for beds that can be stored away. You will gain space and improve your guests’ comfort. More space means your guests will enjoy their stay more, without stepping on each other's toes.

Try bunk beds or mezzanines for children and teenagers, or trundle beds and sofa beds for adults. Use tight spaces and passageways to store folding beds that have built-in storage. They are often mounted on wheels. They are easier to move and store in a dust-free environment.

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3. Folding means easier storage.

Used for outdoors in the past, folding furniture is now being used inside our homes. Lightweight, sturdy, stain-resistant, and easy to clean, it is easy to store folding furniture in a corner of the house and forget about it. It’s ideal for adapting to the constantly changing requirements of the clientele in tourist destinations.

Forget the white plastic and rusty metal of the past. Folding furniture has been modernized. In wood, copper, aluminum, wool, leather, foam: folding chairs are available in an infinite range of colors. Modular tables can be assembled to suit your needs. The famous director’s chair is making a comeback. It is still quite simply irresistible!

Fauteuils metteur en scène pliés et rangés
Fall for our foldable director's chairs

4. Stacking.

Stools, chairs, coffee tables: there are endless stackable furniture solutions. Stackable furniture is generally sturdier than the folding version. There are, however, some minor drawbacks. They are a little heavier and require more storage space.

Table T502 empilables

5. Decoration.

When we have small spaces like in mountain rentals, we can also play on the decoration in addition to adapting the furniture. Indeed, this will make it possible to enlarge the rooms and to feel less cramped. The good example is that of the large mirror. It will create a feeling of space. It will also bring more brightness. This is the right solution for maximum living comfort.

Paint will also play an essential role. Prefer a white or clear paint that will bring brightness to a small room. Dark colors will on the contrary tend to shrink the room. However, these will have the advantage of creating a cozy space. If your spaces are small, apply this dark color to a single wall, for example.

Does your apartment have a balcony? Discover our article dedicated to the layout of balconies, spaces which generally also have size constraints.

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Article updated on 24/11/2021

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