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What constitutes sustainable furniture ?
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Sustainable furniture has become a popular expression... but what does it really mean?

When we talk about sustainable furniture, we are talking about furniture that has been designed to stand the test of time. This includes the design itself, but also the choice of materials and the repairability of your furniture.

At Azur Confort, the sustainability of our furniture is at the heart of our design.
Discover the three commitments that make our furniture sustainable.

Timeless design

In furniture, as in fashion, styles come and go all the time. What was beautiful today will (perhaps) no longer be relevant tomorrow. But some masterpieces remain, and become timeless. This is the case, for example, with our director's chair and our T501 table, whose design, created in the 1930s, has changed little since then.

fauteuil rouge metteur-en-scène et tabouret granier laqué rouge sur fond blanc. Campagne Meublez Vous Français 2023

Quality materials

Materials play an important role in the durability of furniture. At Azur Confort, we make outdoor furniture for professionals. This implies two things: our furniture must be resistant to outdoor conditions (rain, snow, frost, sun), and suitable for intensive use.

But when we talk about materials, the word sustainability takes on another meaning: environmental sustainability. The manufacture of furniture has a high environmental cost, which we don't think about at first. In addition to the manufacture of the furniture, we have to take into account the cultivation of the wood, its impact on deforestation, the energy resources needed to harvest and transport it...

In 2020, we have decided to abandon the use of exotic wood from South America or Asia, and concentrate instead on Robinia and Larch, two species that originate in Europe and are grown locally. Less popular than teak or iroko, but just as suitable for outdoor use.

Repair rather than throw away

Repairability plays a major role in the design of our furniture. Most of our fabrics are removable, so that worn-out fabrics can be replaced with new ones, while keeping the same wooden structure. And if a piece of wood should break, we are able to re-use the healthy parts to make a new piece of furniture, avoiding throwing away the furniture because of a single faulty part.

As well as repairs, we also offer furniture refurbishment. Wood is a living material, and furniture ages and develops a patina throughout its life. Greyed-out wood doesn't have to be thrown away! Maintenance and the application of a new finish to the wood will ensure that the furniture lives for many years to come.

wooden sun lounger RIVIERA by Azur Confort

Timeless design, quality materials, repairability... three commitments that allow our furniture to have 1000 lives. Azur Confort joins forces with L'Ameublement Français for the new #MeublezVousFrancais campaign.

Discover furniture made with heart and soul in our regions.
Companies with a wealth of expertise, a promise of quality furniture.
French art de vivre for a sustainable future.

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