• Plus rustique et authentique que la version originale, elle sera appréciée pour sa robustesse et sa simplicité.
  • Profitez de notre mobilier extérieur dans votre jardin, terrasses.
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Rustic and traditional

A revised version of an earlier model, Partajo with a central leg is nostalgic of tables typical of coastal patios at the turn of the century. More rustic and authentic than the original version, it is particularly sturdy and streamlined. A model that stands the test of time.

Table with choice of two finishes: classic robinia or lacquered beech (RAL)
Top with openwork slats

Length: 70 cm
Width: 70 cm
Height: 73,5 cm
Other sizes available - round or square table top

Solid wood from sustainably managed forests.

When used outdoors, wood is a living material and can turn gray and crack on the surface. This does not deteriorate the product in any way. Protect furniture when not in use or in the event of bad weather to preserve their original appearance as long as possible.

Product configuration

Model :
Table top dimensions :
Wood finish :

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