A project? Check out the AZUR STYLE

Customize your furniture - fabric

The identity of your establishment is important. It contributes to your brand’s appeal. Why not ask us about personalizing your furniture.


We have trusting relations with local partners who can display your brand on the canvas of our director's chairs and deckchairs.

Your logo can be applied with silk-screening or transfer. We also provide embroidered logos.

Check out our range of additional products, including place mats, trays, and headrests to give your new decor perfect harmony.

Deckchairs and director’s chairs with logos


The wood species we use are carefully selected to meet a variety of constraints. We offer several finishes for each type of wood: natural, varnished, lacquered, or brushed.


Every project is different! Our team guides you through a choice of fabrics and colors from a wide range of textiles:

- SERGE FERRARI's canvases.
Established in Isère since 1973, Serge Ferrari is a world leader in flexible composite materials. We use canvases from the Batyline collection. Developed for intensive use, they are designed for extreme outdoor use and are guaranteed for five years against deformation, tearing, and discoloration under normal use. This range has Origine France Garantie certification.

Logo Serge Ferrari

- DICKSON canvases.
Located in the North of France, Dickson Constant is a leader in indoor and outdoor fabric made in France. We use canvases from the Sunbrella brand. They are designed for outdoor use thanks to their water repellent and breathable properties. Made in France, they are guaranteed for five years against discoloration caused by sun and moonlight.

Logo Dickson Sunbrella

- ARPIN wool.
Established in Savoy, the ARPIN company has specialized in wool since 1817. We chose their Muletière wool for our limited editions of director's and deckchairs. This fabric was originally used to protect mules from cold and humidity when transporting goods. It is very dense wool, perfect for outdoor use.

Logo Maison Arpin

- leather and imitations.