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History of the director's chair


Thousands of years’ old

Folding and mobile chairs date back to antiquity. During the Napoleonic and colonial periods, these seats were used as country furniture.
They were sturdy, folding, and mobile.

A legend in the making

With the emergence of cinema in the 19th century, the folding chair now called the “Director’s chair" reappeared and became the icon of cinema sets because it was mobile, easy to handle, and could be customized.

The image of Alfred Hitchcock sitting on a chair marked with his name is legendary.

The creation of the AZUR chair

The founding family of AZUR CONFORT belonged to the travelers' community before settling in Chartreuse after the war. Their grandfather made folding chairs for dolls.

In 1936, one of his customers asked him if he could make the same chair in adult size. That’s how the first version of the AZUR director's chair was born.

The Sénéquier armchair

In 1951, his son was promoting his new models of large armchairs in the south of France. He took an order from the renowned Sénéquier Café in St Tropez at the height of Brigitte Bardot’s fame.

In their iconic red, the AZUR chairs and tables for Sénéquier are immediately recognizable and unforgettable. 

Le Metteur en scène du Sénéquier Fauteuils Metteurs en scène Le Sénéquier bis

The director's chair has become a classic of French design.


Made in Chartreuse

The AZUR director's chair has always been designed and manufactured in Chartreuse by our wood experts. The team is like a rock-climbing party: each member has a key role in the overall process. 

From the broad outlines to the smallest details, an AZUR director's chair is a unique piece.

We manufacture between 1,000 and 2,000 pieces per year to guarantee consistent quality.

Careful craftsmanship

Our wood team’s expertise is perceptible in the accuracy and beauty of their craft. Each chair is meticulously prepared, assembled, and adjusted.

This shape of this eternal piece is determined by its function. The 8 main components require a total of 26 parts.

Assembling a director's chair Assembling a director's chair
Assembling a director's chair Assembling a director's chair


A workshop full of possibilities

The choice of fabric from Sunbrella and Batyline fabrics

The choice of a color: the color chart

The choice of a finish: lacquered or varnished

There are infinite possibilities and combinations to make your director's chair unique and to reflect your brand’s identity or to blend with the spirit of your decoration. Our team assists you in your choice of fabrics and colors from a wide range of textiles: Serge Ferrari canvas, Sunbrella fabric, Arpin wool, leather and imitation leather, because every project is different.

A reflection of your identity

Your furniture can reflect your image with a pictogram, your logo, or a name in letters. Many hotels, cafés, and restaurants have already entrusted with their customized patio.
Our chairs can be used indoors and outdoors all year round.

The director’s chair - customization and fabric The director’s chair - customization and fabric

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